DIG360 is a nimble, talent-rich firm dedicated to retail and “retail-minded” executives. We help identify problems or opportunities; then, with the client leadership, reset growth through market-facing strategy and refining a resonant customer experience.

We are not a typical consultancy. Our clients are hands-on and want an assisted Do-It-Yourself approach. We provide just the right level of content, facilitation and iteration that fits their culture and needs.

Our deepest work is with leaders who:

  • Will compete on customer experience, intimacy, and relationships
  • Seek to break down internal silos, aligning their people on common focus
  • Realize innovative approaches are key to seizing opportunities
  • Wish for both strategic direction and operational performance
  • Are open to shared learning inside and outside the organization
Strategic Studies
Insight Programmes
Customer Journeys & Strategies
Strategy Tuning
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“Retailers need to adapt and adopt innovation from the outside - their excellence is operational, they make innovation 'work'”

David Ian Gray, Principal, DIG360

“My passion is to work at the nexus of ‘MFA and MBA’, where insight and evidence meet."

Andrew Harnden, Strategist & Facilitator, DIG360

"Retail is ever-evolving. The modern retailer must be more open to new ideas than ever while learning to execute at a faster pace."

Raymond Shoolman, Retail Operations Strategist

David Ian Gray
Andrew Harnden
Raymond Shoolman
Christine Cowan